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Top 5 Best Valued Horse Grooming Products – Plus a Bonus!

February 24, 2020 0 Comments

That time of year has come around again: Shedding Season! Continue reading to learn more about the 5 best valued horse grooming products. Also, special Author’s note: we’ve partnered with a few vendors to provide excellent products at a discount! Many links have coupon codes available for you to use–don’t miss out!

There are literally hundreds of different tools and products available on the market to help horse owners get rid of rogue winter hair. So many that it seems impossible to know where to start looking. You want that one product that is not only highly recommended, but also worth the money. Nowadays it isn’t enough to just pick up a product of the shelf and hope that it does the trick. This same principle is why there are so many variations of the same product; combs, brushes, groomers, flowers, the list is endless. Hopefully this guide will give you a helpful insight into the best valued shedding tools and products that are well worth purchasing this shedding season.

Classic Shedding Blade

One such horse grooming product is the classic shedding blade. Averaging between $5 and $10, the original shedding blade is by far the best product to buy for value. This classic blade is what has been used for centuries. There is definitely no debate on the quality and results that you can achieve with this product.

On one side of the tool there are teeth that can help to grab the loose hairs. As you run it over your horse’s body, you will achieve that luscious smooth finish. Not only this, but most standard shedding blades double as a sweat scraper since the opposite side is smooth. So not only an exceptionally well-priced product, but a multi-purpose grooming tool too!

These shedding blades are fairly easy to use. However one downside is that they do take a lot of time to use on the horses whole body. It is also worth noting that the teeth on the brush, especially when brand-new can be too sharp for horses. This is especially true on places like the legs which can be sensitive to pain.

Rubber Combs

Sometimes known as Curry combs, rubber combs have a web hand strap allowing it to fit nicely in your hand. This gives you full control of the brushing angle on your horse. Although more expensive than the standard shedding blade, it lasts for a long, long time. This means money well spent! And thousands of people can’t say enough good things about this grooming tool which is always a good sign when looking into a new product.

With correct care these rubber combs with the adjustable straps can last anywhere from 5 – 8 years. This all but guarantees your horse will be comfortable with the same type of brush head and movements, a positive impact on the health of your horse.

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Massage Combs

Massage combs do exactly what they say. While they do a fairly good job in the purpose of horse grooming, they are designed for horse’s comfort rather than practicality. As a sort of pamper tool these are great to have in your toolkit.

A massage comb is proven to be one of the most effective ways to calm down anxious or disturbed horses. You may find the hair does pile up in the comb though. It is a little more challenging to get the hair out of the comb when it gets full. However it does work great to get loose hair out, and is always a great way to treat your horse. This is why it is such a highly valued product in the equestrian community.

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Metal Spring Combs

Metal spring combs have gone out of fashion in the last decade or so. However, many professional horse handlers still use this type of grooming product over any others, making it a high value product based on the recommendations. Not to mention they are pretty cheap at around $8.

The metal spring comb is a slightly controversial topic among horse caregivers due to the nature of how the comb is used. This type of comb is among the most effective tools to get rid of shaggy hair off your horse. However many argue that this is because of the harshness of the tool which may cause some horses discomfort. The metal spring action curry comb is best used only on really thick hair coats. It does help to remove mud too though which is a definite positive.

It is recommended not to use these on sensitive areas of your horse, for example its legs. However they are great for cleaning out brushes that have lots of hair in them, which is another reason they have made the list.

DIY Horse Grooming

What could be better value than saving your money and making your own shedding comb? They are so easy to make and you can use your creative side to personalize them to your taste. Not only this but you can tailor the exact size and measurements of the brush to the contours of your horse for maximum quality and for the best results.

They also make a really thoughtful and unique gift for your horse loving friends and family, or would make a fantastic prize at a horse show, or riding club auction. And with enough practice, they will look better and better every time you make one!

Bonus: Hoof Pick

A hoof pick is a grooming tool that keeps your horse’s hoofs clear of debris. This helps keep the horse’s hoofs clean and healthy. It’s important to keep your horse’s hoofs cleared regularly. Walking with debris in and around the hoof can be difficult and can cause health problems down the road.

Luckily, using a hoof pick is pretty simple. Follow these simple steps often to help your horse’s hooves stay clean and healthy!

Hopefully this article has given you some fresh ideas and new tools that you can use and implement into your care routine for your horse, and will make shedding out your horse easier, and maybe even a little fun for the future.

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