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Top Things to Consider Before You Purchase a Horse

January 27, 2020 2 Comments

Horses are not like your average pet, they require a lot more dedication, money and of course, love. Many people dream of the day they can purchase a horse.

But owning a horse is not easy. Although having your very own pony can be extremely rewarding, it’s important that you don’t make the decision lightly. So, how can you decide if purchasing a horse is the right option for you?

Read on to learn about some of the top factors you should consider.

Cost to purchase a horse

The first and most important thing you should think about is the financial commitment that comes with purchasing a horse. You should understand from the beginning that there are a lot of monthly costs that will need to be covered. To start with, you need to consider the initial cost of the horse. The cost could range from a few hundred dollars for a young pony to several thousand!

Additionally, just like any animal, your horse will need food, shelter, health checks and a grooming kit. You will also need to budget for vet bills (and emergency medical care), as well as horse tack and equipment. For those who enjoy riding, you’ll want to have a good saddle. Additionally, you may want riding pants, boots, helmet, and gloves. Do you plan on travelling the country with your horse? If so, you’ll need a high-quality trailer and a vehicle capable of towing it!


Think about your lifestyle – Do you have enough time in your schedule to dedicate yourself to a horse? Are you away from home a lot? Horses need daily care regardless of the weather. Meaning you’ll need to clean out their stall, feed and clean them and let them out for pasture every day. If you’re thinking of purchasing a horse for your child, make sure you explain what’s expected of them beforehand. You could find that you’re the only one looking after their new pony!

When you own a horse it’s important that you have that important one on one time with them. Many people believe that horses can pick up on human emotion. If you spend the time getting to know your horse you can develop a deeper connection. Having trust between you and the horse will reassure you both and make riding a lot more enjoyable.


Where do you plan on keeping your horse? Do you have the space for a custom-made barn at home or do you plan on boarding your horse? For most people boarding their horse is the more practical option. This means paying a fee to a stable owner who will home your horse and look after them daily. However, each boarding facility will offer different services and the cost will vary. You may be required to pay more for some services. Boarding is usually a monthly fee and one of the most important and largest costs of purchasing a horse.

Again, finding horse property takes time and should never be rushed. You will need to fully understand what the barn is offering to ensure it’s the right location for your horse. If you live in a rural area, the nearest stable could be a little far. Always be prepared for regular commutes!

Type of horse to purchase

What do you expect from your horse? Are you looking for a show horse or a horse that you can enjoy pleasurable riding trips with? If you’re a new rider then you’ll want a horse that’s well-trained and easy going, remember, don’t overestimate your ability. Although you may only have a few years together it’s important that your first horse is the right horse for you – bigger is not always better. If you are a more experienced rider then you can decide between purchasing a trained or untrained horse, but an untrained horse does require a lot more dedication.

If you’re thinking of buying a beginner’s horse, you’ll l want to look for particular characteristics such as tolerance and gentility. As a newbie, you’re bound to make mistakes learning how to control and handle your horse. Having an animal that’s forgiving and lenient will suit you well. Don’t be swayed by how the horse looks as a glossy mane will only get you so far. Get to know each horse before you decide on the right one for you.

Where will you buy the horse?

So, you’ve given buying a horse the green light, but where will you go to find the right one? If you already horse ride then it’s a good idea to speak to other experienced riders as they may be able to offer recommendations. Do your homework on the best vendors, read up on the type of horses they sell and their credibility in the horsing world.

Take note of your first impressions of the vendor – Are they open and honest? Do they seem knowledgeable about each of their horses? It’s important that they are able to provide you with answers to your questions. Try to find out as much as you can about the horse by asking for medical records and contact details of previous owners. This will help you understand more about their reputation and a seller as well as the horse itself. It’s not uncommon for buyers to rush ahead and not ask the right kinds of questions before purchasing. Don’t purchase the first horse you see, always shop around and leave enough to make your final decision.

If you plan on buying a horse and you’re looking for boarding facilities in Florida, BarnHop can help. Do you have a list of questions that you need answer? Are you a new owner who needs some guidance about horse properties? We understand how important it is to feel comfortable about where your horse is being kept, which is why we’re dedicated to the whole process. Reach out to us today and find out how we can help.

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