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4 Reasons Horse Riding is Good For You – Learn Now

January 2, 2020 1 Comment

Horse riding is an activity that’s been enjoyed for thousands of years, making horses one of humans’ best companions. Whether you enjoy riding for leisure or competing, there’s nothing like the freeing power of riding a horse. In fact, owning a horse can help you both physically, mentally and socially.

So, what makes riding so popular? Read on to learn more about the benefits.


One of the main reasons why riding is so good for you is the effect it has on your health and physique. As you ride your body is required to perform a mix of cardiovascular and strength related movements. This makes the activity a great choice for those wanting a full-body workout.

Horse riding is also considered an isometric exercise. This means it uses specific muscle groups to keep your body in certain positions as you stay balanced on the horse. Not only will you work your core muscles but your inner thighs and pelvic muscles too.

Improved posture

As well as being a good form of exercise, riding can also improve your posture. Staying balanced is key. This means the rider must develop strong coordination skills and learn to position themselves properly to maintain control. Horse riding encourages you to stretch your back, sit tall and relax. Remember to make sure you have a good saddle as this will improve your horse’s ridability. Good posture is not only beneficial while horse riding, but day to day it will reduce back pain and tension as well as encourage good flexibility.


The unique thing about horse riding is the bond you make with your animal. As you exercise endorphins are released which can relieve stress and enhance your mood. However, horse riding goes one step beyond this. Many riders believe they develop an emotional connection with their horse and find solace in their company. From the moment you take your horse out of the barn, you can enjoy this special time with them. With dedication you’ll step out of your role as just a rider or trainer and create a much deeper bond with your horse. Many people find comfort in animals and horse riding can provide a relaxing and calming experience for those looking to work on their mental well-being.


Whether you’re a novice or a professional rider anyone can benefit from the improved confidence that comes with horse riding. Being on horseback requires complete confidence in your riding ability and how you control the horse. From a simple canter to more complicated show jumps, each time you ride you’ll grow in confidence which will also put your horse at ease.  

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