Horse Riding for Kids

All You Need to Know About Horse Riding For Kids

Olivia Beck
February 17, 2020 1 Comment

Horse riding is a hobby that remains popular all over the world. In fact, some of the best horse riders gained most of their experience riding as a kids. For […]

Purchase a Horse

Top Things to Consider Before You Purchase a Horse

Olivia Beck
January 27, 2020 2 Comments

Horses are not like your average pet, they require a lot more dedication, money and of course, love. Many people dream of the day they can purchase a horse. But […]

Finding Horse

6 Tips for Finding the Right Horse

Olivia Beck
January 26, 2020 1 Comment

Finding a new horse is exciting, especially when you complete your first ride, but it’s also a process that needs careful consideration. Too often, lack of experience or simply rushing […]


Important Questions to Ask When Looking For a Boarding Barn

Olivia Beck
January 24, 2020 1 Comment

So, the time has come for you to find a new barn for your horse. Or maybe you’re looking for your first every boarding property. Either way, it’s an important […]

Horses War

Horses: A Journey Through Time

Olivia Beck
January 20, 2020 0 Comments

In today’s world it seems almost impossible to imagine life without cars, machinery and other modern advancements; it wasn’t always like that. Since the beginning of time, horses have played […]

Winter Horse Care

A Handful of Top Tips For Winter Horse Care

Olivia Beck
January 15, 2020 3 Comments

Winter can be a difficult time for horses and their owners. The weather conditions change and the amount of foliage available becomes sparse. However, horses are resilient and strong animals. […]

Horse Riding

A Beginners Guide to Horse Riding

Olivia Beck
January 11, 2020 1 Comment

Although people may not think of horse riding when they hear the word ‘fitness’, riding actually offers a full-body workout. As one of the oldest activities in the world, it […]

Horse Riding

4 Reasons Horse Riding is Good For You – Learn Now

Olivia Beck
January 2, 2020 1 Comment

Horse riding is an activity that’s been enjoyed for thousands of years, making horses one of humans’ best companions. Whether you enjoy riding for leisure or competing, there’s nothing like […]